Sunday, 9 December 2018

Savvy Subscribers are smiling despite difficult Crypto markets

Yes, the crypto markets are plummeting and our subscribers are emailing us in a panic asking what to do..

First - Don't panic

Markets go up and markets go down and as the sage of Omaha [ Warren Buffet ] advises:

"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful"

This is great advice and it works, Mr. Buffet is not one of the richest men in the world by chance. After the 2008 market crash Mr. Buffet took out a full page advert in the New York times expressing his confidence in the US economy, basically telling everyone that was panicking and stricken with fear that this was the time to buy…

Are you panicking? Are the people around you in a panic? - Are you struck with crypto fear?

Then read on…

NOW is the time to be greedy….

Bitcoin and the Crypto markets have been here before.. Bitcoin lost most of its value after the Mt. Gox fiasco and then rebounded to fantastic new highs…

So what will happen after this bloodbath?

The markets will ultimately recover again and proceed to new and from the ashes of the crypto phoenix will rise the new stars of the crypto world. Those coins that focused on building communities of adoption and use.

While most crypto participants are shivering with fear, EOT has quietly been building a network of business supporting the currency and creating a community of adopters and users.

So how to take advantage?

Answer: - Buy and Hodl [ Hold in crypto speak ] …

As an EOT subscriber, we have you covered with the 2 for 1 EOT subscriber only bonus which you can get here… [ read below ] 

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